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Workshops and Training
with Gary Karp

Goal-Achieving Interactive Experiences

Gary Karp conducting an interactive session.Objective: A clear understanding throughout your workplace culture of Modern Disability.

Objective: Knowing that it is possible to adapt to a disability.

Objective: Everyone can relax and work together to get the job done.

These are examples of what can be accomplished with a Modern Disability training. Here are the topics
for interactive sessions with disability awareness expert Gary Karp:


What to say? What to do? People in the workplace are often uncomfortable when they encounter a person with an apparent disability. The Modern Disability Etiquette workshop helps everyone relax and get the job done.
A New Disability

Who are people with disabilities? What has changed in their lives that have allowed the to emerge in the workplace? How do they do what they do? When everyone is clear about the real person inside, then the rest follows.
Basics of
the ADA

Disability law protects the organization as well as the civil rights of individuals to be free of discrimination. This primer on the ADA identifies the boundaries, and helps people know how to interact without crossing lines.

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