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Gary Karp, Keynote Speaker

The Right Speaker with the Right Message

Whether opening with a bang, closing with a grand finale, or giving your attendees a boost at lunch, Gary Karp will bring energy, charisma, rich insights, and humor to your event. A national leader as a spokesman for disability awareness, Gary is also a seasoned professional speaker commited to his craft. He loves what he does — and he's passionate about his message:

People with disabilities mean business!

Gary Karp in a business suit, sitting in his wheelchair juggling three balls.Gary is in a special position to convey this message to your business audience. As a man with a disability, he knows personally how it works. As a well-known member of the broader disability community, he is connected to the latest developments and supported by national leaders. As a businessman, Gary understands the priorities of the workplace — and how people with disabilities best fit in.

And as a skilled speaker, he engages as he informs — with a little juggling thrown in for extra effect!

Gary delivers the Modern Disability message to various audiences:


Recruiters are always in search of the next great hire, and need the widest pool possible to hire from, including millions of workers with disabilities.

People with disabilities are the "missing piece in the diversity mosaic," as the diversity community is increasingly recognizing.

An employee who reports a disability often first assumes that work is not an option. Not with Modern Disability, and its spirit of adaptation.

A hiring manager who views candidates or employees through old models of disability will miss — or lose — a valuable contributor.

Each of these populations benefit from — in fact need — your workplace culture to come up to speed with the story of Modern Disability. A keynote address from Gary Karp will support them in their various efforts, all towards the accomplishment of your organization's business goals.

Contact Gary to discuss your event and how he can partner with you to achieve the vision.