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The Sydney 2000 Paralympics
Sydney Paralympics Opening Ceremonies Sydney Paralympics Opening Parade
Opening ceremonies — 110,000 people at Stadium Australia, Homebush Bay, NSW, one half hour west of Sydney.
The USA team in the parade of athletes at the opening ceremonies, October 18, 2000
Sydney Paralympics Jet Fly Over Sydney Paralympics Opening Ceremony Baloons
A military jet flies over the stadium during the opening.
Angel floats at the opening ceremonies.
Sydney Paralympics Stadium Sydney Paralympics Torch
Olympic Boulevard, Homebush Bay.
The Paralympic flame.
Sydney Paralympics Men's Basketball Sydney Paralympics Men's Basketball
Netherlands vs. USA in the semifinals. The US team lost.
Britain vs. Germany in the first round. The Brits won.
Sydney Paralympics Fencing Sydney Paralympic Fencers Carol Hickey and Lisa Lanier
Fencing. The foils and vests are electronic, and indicate a touch on the scoreboard.
Carol Hickey and Lisa Lanier of the USA Fencing Team.
Sydney Paralympics Sitting Volleyball Sydney Paralympics Amputee Table Tennis
The US Sitting Volleyball team against Hungary. They came in last overall.
Serving in the T class, below the elbow amputee.
Sydney Paralympics Swedish Swimmers Sydney Paralympics Triple Jump
Members of the Swedish swimming team.
The triple jump. Note the microphones on the track.
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