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From There To Here is a collection of 45 intimate, 2000 word essays by people with spinal cord injuries, describing their process of adjustment following their injury. These are deep, revealing portraits, not shallow attempts at inspiration.

A Search for Self-Worth
Kris Ann Piazza

SCI — My Path To Scientific Discovery
Sasha Rabchevsky

Growing Through Adversity
Flo Kahn

Coming Full Circle
Kris Gulden

My Box of Tools
Larry Nitz

Devil’s Night
Audrey Begay

Life Need Not Be Easy As
Long As It’s Interesting
Aline Moran

Time, Time, Time: See What’s Become of Me
Bill Hiser

Living Well is the Best Revenge
Gordon Palmer

Ups, Downs, and Breakthroughs
Kirk Feyerabend

Holding Together: A
Newborn Life
Samantha Kimball-Fell

Take the Pain
Mark Mathew Braunstein

Never Should on Yourself
Renee Alper

No Roadblocks, Only Detours
David L. Baker

I Wasn’t Born a Mermaid
Jaehn Clare

Give It a Year
Steve Dalton

My Rides in Hearses
Walter Kimes

Kimberly Clarke

The Water’s Just Fine
Gary Karp

A Dark Path to God
Vickie Baker

Surviving Paralysis — Crafting
a New Life
Stephen Crowder

Life is to be Lived
Patricia Gordon

Beyond the Flagpole
Mitch Tepper

When You Come to a Fork in
the Road, Take It
Frances Ozur

I Will Not be Denied
Sean Denehy

Survival of the Fittest
Tiffany Nickel

I Don’t Want to Fail
Nicholas W. LiBassi

In Competition with Myself
Randy Snow

The End of Denial
Don Bondi

My Body is Only Part of Me
Ginger Lane

Mourning and Healing
Daniel Gottleib

My Odyssey into the Realm
of Disability
Axel Doerwald

Teenager Interrupted
Erin Cornman

From There To Here:
Stories of Adjustment to Spinal Cord Injury

269 Pages

From There to Here is currently out of print, but is available as an eBook at


Falling Into Grace
Elizabeth Fetter Eastman

Redefinition of Masculinity
Ned Fielden

Capable Shogaisha
Miki Matheson

New Dreams
Jim Langevin

Lucky Man
Victor Cerda

Wife, Mother, Me
Faye Pruitt

Life After a Run At the River
Chuck Stebbins

Walking the Fine Line
Mark Edwards

No Barriers
Leslie Sward Greer

Finding the Cure On the Inside
Michael Hurlock

Back On the Dance Floor of Life
Bobbie Humphreys

Hunting More Than Ever
Breck Lonier

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