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Disability & the Art of Kissing is a collection of concise responses to essential questions about intimacy and sexuality in the context of disability—in the process touching on the universal nature of love.
At a Time Like This?

Why Would Anyone Have Sex With Me?

Can I Do It?

The Art of KissingmPDF

Options With High Quadriplegia

Do I Have To Be Sexual?

Can I Please Myself?

Adjustment In a Marriage

Orgasms Aren’t the Same

My Body Looks So
Different Now

Can I Be With An Able-Bodied Partner?

How To Find a Partner

Having “The Talk”

Inexperienced With Sex

The Grieving Partner

My Partner is Scared to Try

My Partner Feels Guilty for Feeling More

Can I Have Casual Sex?

Getting Satisfaction from
Video/Internet Sexual Material?

I’ve Met a “Devotee”

“Creative” Sex

Macho, Macho Man

Weak Bladder Not a Problem

Two Lovers With Disabilities
Need Help

I Want It How I Want It

Love’s Got Everything
To Do With It

Disability &
the Art of Kissing

Questions and Answers on the
True Nature of Intimacy

121 Pages, Life On Wheels Press

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